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Un charmant village de montagne

Ehden est un petit village dans les hauteurs du nord du Liban, à 1h30 de Beyrouth ou 1h de Tripoli. Le village est désertique en hiver, mais bondé en été. Plus résidentiel que touristique, il est très agréable, notamment la place du Miden, où l'on peut prendre un authentique 'sahlab', un dessert chaud à base de lait.
Depuis Ehden, il est facile de se rendre au point culminant du Liban, le Qornet es Sawda. A 3 088 m d'altitude, la vue est à couper le souffle.

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"L'une des régions les plus belles du Liban"

"Souk célèbre"

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Note moyenne: 8.9/10

"On peut visiter cette belle foret contenant une bonne concentration de cedres plus jeunes que ceux de Becharreh. Cette reserve contient aussi faune et flores rares. On peut passer 2-3 bonnes heures au coeur de la beaute de cette nature"

Patrick A le 01/04/15 (note: 10.0 / 10)

"The forest is rich in variety of trees and shrubs. The paths are clearly indicate yet unobtrusive, and they give a good choice of alternatives (length, difficulty, character). Access is affordable and the staff helpful. Altogether a pleasant experience for the visitor. Job well done."

948victor le 01/04/15 (note: 8.0 / 10)

"It is not worth the visit. No proper directions to the place and no instructions to follow. I never will recommend this place."

Samir Z le 01/04/15 (note: 2.0 / 10)

"We spend the whole morning hiking the reserve starting with a light trail (number 3) that borders the reserve and follows the valley. We could hear the river in the bottom of the valley and spotted a few nice birds (falcon, magpie). We then went uphill for 3 KM in a beautiful forest where the sun barely pierced through the canopy (cedars, pine, oak, maple). We had the opportunity to enjoy a very rich fauna and a diverse types of mushrooms. Finally we followed trail 1 downhill until the exit. It was a lovely hike and a fantastic well preserved corner of paradise. The reserve could benefit from better indications and trail marking."

Lebmajor le 01/04/15 (note: 10.0 / 10)

"he diversity of trees, animal life... makes this reserve a heaven for nature tourists, the fact that it's unspoiled makes it perfect."

Gaby-Khoriaty le 01/04/15 (note: 10.0 / 10)

"This Sunday our travels took us to a place I thought I would never find in Lebanon. A place without cars perpetually honking their horns, heavy motorbikes howling through the streets, kids crying, idiots firing in the air, church bells and the electronically amplified muezzins competing for souls and decibels… a place where one only has to listen to the sounds of nature: the wind in the trees, birds, insects and a river… pure bliss! And the place is aptly called “Ehden” „Horsh Ehden" is a Nature Reserve located in North Lebanon, in the mountains just South East of Tripoli. It contains a particularly diverse and beautiful remnant forest of the Cedar of Lebanon, making the reserve a very important part of the country’s cultural and natural heritage. Located on the northwestern slopes of Mount Lebanon and pampered by mist and relatively high precipitation, a multitude of rare and endemic plants flourish in it (among which the country's last protected community of wild apple trees)"

peetersr le 01/04/15 (note: 10.0 / 10)

"One of the most beautiful place you can ever visit, a large campsite, great view of north lebanon government, lots of activities. Just amazing"

Joseph D le 01/04/15 (note: 10.0 / 10)
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